It doesn’t have to be like this

The mask you see featured here is a Respironics Pico mask.  It is a new mask on the market that is available at a relatively low price.  The user of this mask clearly was not caring for it properly.  Lets spend some time talking about how to take care of your equipment so that it does not look like this after only a short time.

The first thing to keep in mind regarding masks is that they are only designed to work for a short time.  There are designed to be replaced once every three months.  They certainly can last longer than this with proper care, but many people do not clean their mask daily as they are supposed to.  In clinics we see a few patients per year who are making themselves sick because they are failing to properly care for their equipment and replace it as needed.

The cushions on these masks are designed to last 30 days.  They are the most important mask for a great seal that will allow you to get quality sleep every night.  The cost on these cushions is a fraction of the cost of the new mask and a mask platform can last a lot longer than 3 months if you will frequently replace your cushions.  Some of the newer cushions are even designed to discolor to help you remember to change them.  In the case of this user, it was the user that discolored the mask as can be seen by the headgear.

Mine is not that bad

Or is it?  Bacteria and viruses are not visible to the naked eye, and depending on where you live mold and mildew can be a factor as well.  If you are not cleaning your cushion daily, then it is likely only a matter of time before you will get yourself sick from using your equipment.  Proper hygiene is incredibly important.  You are breathing through this thing all night long, every night.  It is incredibly important to keep it well maintained.

We can help.  We offer masks and cushions from all major manufacturers in our store, even this Pico.  Please, if you do not buy it from us, buy it somewhere and take care of yourself.  CPAP should make you better, not make you sick.