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From those who are generous.

So you have an old CPAP laying around that still works and you don’t use it anymore.  Someone else may still be able to.  We will pay to ship it to us, and we will pay to refurbish it.  Just fill out the form below and we will send you a label.  Your kindness and generosity will certainly be appreciated, and we are happy to help facilitate helping someone who can not afford PAP therapy sleep better.

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To those who are in need

Just because someone else is done with their old machine does not mean that it is done.  These machines were generously donated for a host of reasons.  They are all cleaned and serviced by CPAP4.ME to the bet of our ability before they are shipped to you free of charge.  They come with no warranty and there is no certainty that we will have a unit to meet your prescription.  The program is available as long as we have units available on a first come first serve basis.  We do not check your ability to pay and do not ask for anything to verify that you are unable to purchase a PAP device outright.  We just hope that the generosity of others is able to help you sleep better so that you can one day pay it forward.

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