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The costs of CPAP

Many people are concerned with the cost of owning CPAP equipment.  It can be an significant purchase for most peoples budgets and because of this some forego its purchase and or maintenance.  It is time to look at the costs involved. The costs of CPAP The device itself (for a decent one) typically costs about […]

Not Getting Enough Air

I am not getting enough air! “I am not getting enough air ” is by far the most common complaint of a new nasal PAP user and I must have heard it several hundred thousand times at this point in my career.  The patient puts the nasal mask on, breathes with it for a few […]

Complex Sleep Apnea?

Complex sleep apnea is something that is very tricky for many patients and practitioners to understand and treat.  It truly is not like obstructive sleep apnea where there is typically a clear treatment path that is the best, and the patients overall health and original severity of sleep apnea absolutely must be taken into consideration […]

Without Breath

The title is what the word Apnea actually means.  It is from the Greek and it literally means without breath.  Sleep Apnea therefore is to sleep without breath.  This sadly is so often the case.  The spouse warns that the sufferer stops breathing while sleeping, and even wakes them up multiple times through the night. […]