DreamStation Auto CPAP




DreamStation Auto CPAP

DreamStation was developed over the course of several years, and involved interviews with Sleep Therapy patients from around the globe about their Sleep Therapy needs. The new DreamStation CPAP device is 18% smaller and 28% lighter than SystemOne. Patients demand the best in Sleep Therapy innovation, and Philips Respironics continues to be a leader in Sleep and Respiratory Solutions. Patients overwhelmingly preferred a lower-profile CPAP device that was less likely to tip over, allowed for more efficient use of space on their nightstand, and drew less attention to itself. Patients and their providers wanted a modular, easy to use device, with customizable options based on patient needs. The Philips Respironics DreamStation was developed based on these insights, and many more.

This device includes improved tracking to allowing you to better understand how you are sleeping with your new PAP therapy device.  It has built in bluetooth technology that when coupled with your smart phone allows you the highest level available of interaction with you PAP device.

Feature Benefit
The latest Sleep Therapy technology from the Sleep Therapy Leader, Philips Respironics A device designed around Sleep Therapy patients and their needs from a trusted brand
18% smaller than System One Takes up less space on the nightstand
28% lighter than System One Easier to move and transport
Modular Design Cell & Wi-Fi options to allow patients and their providers to customize based on patient needs, to allow for future innovations, and enable easier cleaning.
Easy-to-View Device Display View settings from bed, without having to turn the device
Dishwasher safe Humidifier Chambers Allows for simple cleaning and sanitizing
180-degree swivel hose The hose can loop over the device during use, without requiring extra horizontal room on the nightstand for the hose
Designed aesthetically to be durable, clean and less medical in appearance than other CPAP devices A stylish Sleep Therapy device based on consumer insights and clinical know-how from Philips Respironics

System Overview

The DreamStation CPAP is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy device designed for the treatmentof Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The DreamStation CPAP Pro can also deliver CPAP-check therapy, and the DreamStation Auto CPAP can also deliver CPAP-Check and Auto-CPAP therapy. Your home care provider will choose
the appropriate pressure settings for you.
When prescribed for you, the device provides several special features to help make your therapy more comfortable. The ramp function allows you to lower the pressure when you are trying to fall asleep. The air pressure will gradually increase until your prescription pressure is reached. Also, the Flex comfort feature provides you with pressure relief when you exhale during therapy

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